18. Franklin McMahon, Reportage Master

May 9, 2021 “Franklin McMahon, Reportage Master”

Mário Linhares, Deborah McMahon Osterholtz, Rita Sabler

Franklin McMahin

In the final USk Talks episode of season 2, we talked to the educators and storytellers Mário Linhares and Deborah McMahon Osterholtz about Deborah’s father, Franklin McMahon.

Franklin McMahon (1921 – 2012) was an American artist and reportage master working under commissions for magazines like Life of Fortune or in a proactive way searching for reportage themes. . Deborah and Mário will present his life, how he changed from cartoon to reportage, and will discuss his work covering important trials, political campaigns, his work for NASA and the Vatican. They show us how to pull inspiration from his approach, on how to capture the essence of your subject.In the second part of the episode our Education Director, Rita Sabler, joined us to share the vision of USK Talks and what great events have happened thanks to USK Talks.

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