Last outing for 2009

It was a pleasant morning in Bangkok on the last day of 2009. Most people went outside town for a long week-end and it was the better time to walk around in less congested city of Angels.

So our small group of artist-at-heart went out to paint the town in watercolor!

Our destination was vague but be started at a chinese temple next to Taksin BTS (Mass transit line) by the Chao Phraya River. We learn that nothing can go wrong BY the river! Below is our sum-up of the morning warm-up: a chinese temple (วัดเจียว เอง เบี้ยว) under the care of the Hainanese Association.

Bang Rak, Bangkok

We then proceeded across the rail station, not far away stood Wat Yan Navava, a Thai temple on a large piece of land by the river. And here, we took a group picture:

Bang Rak, Bangkok

Look further south from Wat Yan Nava, I was drawn to the sky line of the mushrooming high rise residential buildings.

Bang Rak, Bangkok

We took a short boat ride upstream to a Portuguese church, the Holy Rosary, the prominent landmark along the river.

Bang Rak, Bangkok

and we did a sketch painting or two of the beautiful building here

Bang Rak, Bangkok

and my line work version of the church:

Bang Rak, Bangkok

(I do have a more colorful version here!)

You may notice that it is very common (very Thai, I’d say) to see a close mix of religion buildings in Thailand, especially Bangkok. It is common to see a Muslim mosque next to a chinese temple next to a catholic church just in front of an old Thai temple and so on..

We really had a good time by the river, looking up toward the city, the layering of buildings by the water was just irresistible, I did one quick sketch and vowed to come back for more!

Bang Rak, Bangkok

Bang Rak, Bangkok

My man will be waiting to take me places…

Happy New Year from Bangkok, all dear sketchers..


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