Still some objects left to draw in Stuttgart

In about a month, I am going to change my location as an urban sketcher from Stuttgart to Cottbus in order to take a master degree in architecture.

There’s still so much to draw here in Stuttgart, but I am definitely in my final stages. Let’s start with the former central station. It was built from 1863 to 1868 (neo-renaissance). After a heavy fire and some infrastructural changes in Stuttgart, Paul Bonatz won the competition for the all-new central station, which was completed during the 1920s (I have drawn this one quite often). The drawing shows the facade of the former central station which is used as a cinema since decades.

Alter Centralbahnhof

Since started as a blog, I have told you much about the Stuttgart residential houses from the promoterism time. But here’s the one that is kind of a priming for the south-west german residential architecture. It was built from 1845 to 1853 by Christian Friedrich Leins and was a kind of archetype for many other buildings that followed years ago.

Villa Berg

Here are two examples for partially neo-renaissance intra-urban residential buildings in Stuttgart-West (from about 1880).


Watch out for my first post from Cottbus, I don’t know yet if there’ll be another one from Stuttgart!

by Florian Afflerbach


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