Yun’s brother lives in Maryland. We went to visit for her nephew’s first birthday. Both of us love Baltimore. It is such a groovy little city. We decided to spend a night in Baltimore and then head to Maryland the next morning. This drawing is of a typical house in Baltimore. Driving around we found a little breakfast place to eat in. That part of Baltimore was very poor and rundown but it had such a great vibe. The eatery looked like it was closed and boarded up, but it had a sign that said open, so we went in anyway. The second we entered, the old lady behind the counter, turned and glanced at us for a second. She yelled loudly to the 4 patrons sitting at the tiny counter, “don’t do anything to scare the new people!” She was dead serious and it freaked Yun and I out at first. The joint was so old and quirky. The Fellini movie type people all began to chat us up. Everyone was so friendly and happy to see some new faces. You could tell strangers hardly ever come into this place. In fact, we may be the only 2 who ever ventured in. Finally the old lady cooking began to focus on us. She was Asian and asked Yun if she was Chinese. She told her she was Korean. The old woman burst into laughter and said she was Korean too. Her and Yun began to speak to each other in Korean. By the end of our meal, we knew everything about her and most of the patrons too. It was like a TV sitcom. There was even a strange guy who stands by the door all day long. He seemed a little slow and probably didn’t have a job. So I figured his job is to stand at the door inside this crazy place and give a constant update of what is happening out on the street. There is a cop ticketing a car, etc. He kindly held the door open when Yun and I left. I guarantee we return.


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