Training Grounds

One night Yun and I were in Nice and needed to get back to Monte Carlo. We didn’t realize that the buses stopped running at a certain time. The train was the only way to get back. We made it to the station and boarded a train. The only problem was there were no announcements. At each stop there were no lights on the platform. It was pitch black outside and we couldn’t see a thing. Talk about being lost. Finally a girl got on at a random stop. She noticed right away the puzzled look on our faces. She told us it was like this all the time. No conductors, no announcements, no signs, no nothing. The only way we found our stop was by her telling us where to exit. She said that every once in a blue moon the announcements actually work. “It’s like a fun little surprise for all the locals,” she said. We laughed but only because we knew where we were. At least the ride was free because no one came by to sell us a ticket.


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