A mini sketchcrawl

When you usually sketch on your own, meeting up with another Urban Sketcher is a sketchcrawl 🙂

Yesterday, Gail Wong from Seattle, my niece and I met up for a couple of hours of sketching at the historic Niles downtown near Fremont, California. Sometimes it takes an out-of-towner (although I’m not sure Gail counts as one, she grew up here) to show you some amazing places right in your own backyard. Niles is a little historic town that once had a booming film-making business. Charlie Chaplin filmed the Tramp here.

This is Gail’s sketch of the storefronts on Main Street:

I did 2 quick sketches of the Train Station, and a couple of palm trees nearby. The steam trains weren’t running and the museum was closed, so I will have to go back another time for those, but this was such a fascinating little town, where time seemed to stand still.

Lined up, left to right: 2 sketches by Gail, my book and a sketch my my niece Mohini.

And these are our collective sketch tools:

And Gail and me, sketching together again: now we’ve got sketching together in Seattle, the Bay Area and Barcelona under our belt. Where next, Gail? That was fun!


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