Meet the Correspondent: Bruno Agnes > Montélimar, France

I am a landscape architect, I live and work in the south of France, in Montélimar along the Rhône Valley between Lyon and Marseilles. I am also a co-founder of the French USk group I have been hosting since its beginning and a USk France Blog correspondant.

I have drawn since my childhood and naturally I turned to the artistic and technical education (Fine Arts school, Leo Marschûtz school and then Landscape architecture in Aix en Provence, land of Paul Cezanne.)

Drawing and drawing again allowed me to gain some mastery that has long been a personnal challenge, a kind of race toward a well done job…

Today I have discovered a real pleasure in playing with blunders and blemishes. In order to master drawing, I had to be extremely patient only to find out in the end that the sum and substance are out of control…

Sketching is —for myself— a vector for journeys and discovery (foreign countries, other French areas.) It is also a way to meet people and sahre ideas: linguistic and social borders seem to disappear when I draw. The wonder of a child in front of my drawing is a wonderful gift.

When I draw, my personal time stops: I am one with space, it is an inner immersion.

My job naturally led me to draw monuments and landscapes, but I recently discovered other interesting topics: cars, everyday scenes…

For my sketches I use calibrated pens and my palette consists of warm colors that are as close as possible to our local color and light

Thus, beyond the sketch, thanks to the colors I try to capture the change in the light … and life …

  • Bruno’s sketches on flickr.

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