Travel to Kallisté

On the ferry to Corsica

A shot in the stomach, a breath of wind in the hair, the sun in the dark glasses It’s like being there … We are in Corsica!
A world full of incredible places, cut in half: up the mountain, down the sea …
The gods of the Mediterranean Sea could move there
Corsica is home to a unique community: the Corsicans. A people often conquered but never submitted. A son of shepherds people with heart and character, strong, proud and capable A people where honor and blood ties outweigh all other considerations when it comes to avenge the family .. .
The island deserves: it takes time to see through. It will take the same time for it to get used to you: It’s a girl from the Mediterranean Sea
Hard, tragic secret, Corsica nothing is rational nor relief, nor the climate, nor the Corsicans themselves.

During the travel
Ajaccio (South Corse) Cathedral

Corsica center is that of the “maquis” and wild pigs, cows release and flocks of sheep, fountains roadsides, by fragrant flora that comes to mind, that of a deli which matures slowly in the smoke of chestnut wood.
It is the island‘s musical traditions, thin spiers dialogue and bells that echo in the valleys, where men gather to ancestral polyphonic songs and passed from father to son … Every village, every valley has its own directory
The Corsican cuisine justifies the arrival on the island: charcuterie, soups, fish, meat and cheeses and famous fig jam, honey none! A man or woman who serves you ask Who cuisine as well?” You answered, “My mother!” Feels then a small woman dressed in black as a beautiful heroine of ancient tragedy
There is no dark thoughts in Corsica: Everything seems to bring down heaven on earth …
All this wealth lies in one island 183 miles long and 85 miles wide Almost nothing on the scale of the planet … And yet all the world …

Close your eyes, smell, listen You are in Corsica

Propriano Gulf of Valinco

Corte (center Corse the most corsican town)
Ile Rousse the first harbour built during the Corsican Républic
Calvi (North Corse) Church Santa Maria Maggiore
Bonifacio (Extreme south of Corse)
Cemetery in Ajaccio…

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