Meet the Symposium Instructors: Delphine Priollaud

Delphine Priollaud, France


Delphine Priollaud-Stoclet graduated from National School of Architecture of Paris-La Villette (ENSAPLV) as an architect in 1998. She has founded her own school near Paris, L’Atelier de la Salamandre, and she teaches drawing, painting and fine arts. She also organizes workshops all around the world to teach and promote the art of urban sketching and creative tourism.

She is the author of “Créez votre carnet de voyage, Impressions nomades” (Create your travel Sketchbook) and “I draw” (March 2015) to explain children how to draw (Créapassions edition).

Drawing the world to catch the line of life, very far or close to home, is an important part of her life, and she is filling her sketchbooks principally using chinese ink, watercolor or tempera.

Besides drawing as another way to see the world, she loves painting huge abstract canvas as a memory of visited landscapes.

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Activity 2: Less is More: Black, Brown and White!

Location: Queen Street Market


I believe that simplicity is the better way to capture life and to feel its energy and likeness.

I draw as quickly as possible, without heavy equipment, looking for a global vision and a pure design according to a personal interpretation.

I select what is really important for me to draw at the present time : it’s impossible to draw everything I see ! So I need to make choices. That’s a tough decision…
How simplify the subject with sensitivity and an expressive line ? I really don’t believe in perfection from simple imitation. The sketch can be unfinished and guessed for more sense, depending of a dynamic composition which plays with black, brown and white contrasts according to full and empty spaces in the drawing. Lightness invades the drawing : it makes it «breath» !

I don’t want to produce a realistic artwork : capturing the emotion and essence of the scene, with a global vision and a pure design is really more interesting.

The most important point is how we feel the atmosphere, and good vibes to draw without confusing speed with hurry using a creative approach.

I usually mix black, thin and fluid lines (pen) with values (Chinese ink and walnut , washed with some water) : fusion of black and brown is very expressive.

Dark shadows are true eye-catchers : they indicate volume, darker on the area of interest, lighter to the edges.

I will enjoy to make another demonstration with colors, using watercolor exactly in the same way : simplicity, lightness, brightness, globality.
Don’t get lost in the details, and lively scenes will really be easier to draw!

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