2016 Symposium in Manchester – Call for Programming

Call for Submissions

The 7th Urban Sketchers Symposium is in Manchester July 27-30, 2016. We are seeking proposals for Workshops, Activities, Demonstrations, and Lectures by Monday, December 21, 2015. Selected proposals will be announced in January. (You can see programming for the 2015 Symposium here.)

Workshops are presented as a more formal educational experience with a smaller group (a maximum of 15 participants), allowing for personal interaction with students. Instructors are expected to do a demonstration, have one-on-one interaction with participants, and check on them during their exercises.

  • Duration and Frequency: All workshops will be 3.5 hours and will be taught three times over the course of the Symposium

  • Capacity: Workshops provide focused instruction for up to 15 participants in each session.

  • Compensation: If your proposal is selected, you receive free registration for the Symposium and Urban Sketchers will pay for airfare and five nights of accommodation, at an average estimated value of $1,000. Local instructors who will not need to travel will receive an honorarium of US$800.00.

We are also seeking sketchers to lead sketching activities, present demonstrations of sketching technique or materials, and present lectures relating to sketching.

Activities are more casual sketching experiences, with a bigger group and less time than workshops. While you are expected to lead the group in learning about your approach, one-on-one teaching is not expected.

Demonstrations give you the opportunity to share a particular technique or approach with a group, and can allow time for participants to try the demo subject themselves as they sketch. One-on-one teaching is also not expected for demonstrations.

Lectures allow for you to share your own work, the work of other sketchers, sketching history, or another topic of interest or concern to fellow sketchers. A projector will be provided.

  • Duration and Frequency: Activities are scheduled for two hours; Demos and Lectures are scheduled for one hour. Activities/Demos/Lectures will repeat at least twice throughout the Symposium.

  • Capacity: Activities/Demos/Lectures will be open to a minimum of 20 participants. Please let us know the maximum number of participants that you can support, but that number might be dictated by the space available.

  • Compensation: If your proposal is selected, you will receive free registration for the Symposium and an honorarium of US$250.00.

We are aiming to increase the number of new and local instructors.

If you have not previously taught at the Symposium, we want to hear from you! We are aiming to include 20% new workshop instructors (as a comparison, at the 2015 Symposium, 9% of workshop instructors had not taught previously.)

We already get a good mix of new and of local Activity/Demo/Lecture leaders, and aim to continue.

Some details to keep in mind while drafting your proposal:

  • You can propose a Workshop or Activity for a specific spot or a general location. We recommend you to get to know the possible locations before you create your proposal, in order to match your idea with the city’s environment.

  • Workshop locations are subject to change and the organizers reserve the right to make the best arrangements and combinations of Workshops/Activities and locations.

  • Keep in mind the weather: The average temperature in July is 16°C/61°F, with higher afternoon temperatures (up to 20°C/68°F), and lower evening temperatures (12°C/54°F). July is typically dry.

  • You may propose multiple Workshops and Activities/Demos/Lectures.

  • All instructors and leaders will receive a list of participants for their Workshops/Activities/Demos/Lectures.

  • The official language of the Symposium is English.


  • All proposals must be emailed to symposium@urbansketchers.org.

  • If you are proposing a Workshop, you must use this form and include sample sketches inside the proposal document (not as separate attachments).

  • If you are proposing an Activity, Demo, or Lecture, you must use this form and include sample sketches inside the proposal document (not as separate attachments).


All proposals are due by Monday, December 21, 2015 (11:59 p.m. GMT).


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