Lecture 6: Running a Regional Chapter

Presenter: Mark Leibowitz


This lecture is Intended for Regional Administrators or people thinking about starting a local Urban Sketching group.  The goal of this lecture is to build and strengthen the community of Urban Sketching Leaders who run our local chapters.  It will be an interactive session with audience participation expected.


  • To build and strengthen the community of Urban Sketching Leaders who are running our local chapters.
  • To discuss the benefits and problems associated with running a RC, and to share potential solutions.
  • To explore what it means to be a recognized chapters.
  • To educate individuals who want to start a group or have an existing group recognized.


Email questionnaire will be sent to all registered participants asking them to prioritize discussion topics and to write their specific questions or areas of concern.   The Preliminary Outline (below) will be tweaked based on the user feedback.


  1. Introductions:   Each participant is given the chance to introduce themselves to the group and explain their reasons for attending.
  2. Styles and Decisions:  Leader will describe how the NYC Group is organized, with a tilt towards exploring the different decision points.  
  3. The Frequency of Sketch Events
  4. Participation in the World Wide SketchCrawl
  5. Media Used to Share Sketches – Blog, FB, Flickr etc.
  6. Supporting and Enforcing the Manifesto
  7. Size of Group and Demographics of your Group.
  8. To Grow or Not to Grow?  That is the question.
  9. Start time.  Daytime? Night time?  Weekends?  Weekdays?
  10. Creative Solutions to the Question of What to Sketch and Where to Sketch

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