Lecture 4: Teaching Non-Artists to Draw

Lecture: Teaching non-artists to draw: Techniques and methods for urban sketching instructors and art educators

Speaker: Karina Kuschnir


In this Lecture, I will discuss techniques and methods of teaching for art instructors who have non-artists (or art-beginner) students. Since many of the Urban Sketchers community are art educators themselves, it will be a lecture focused on sharing teaching experiences with the USk’s community.

In 2013, I created a course called “Anthropology and Drawing Laboratory” at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, much inspired by my participation at the USk’s Symposiums. It was an innovative experience for me and for my students, mostly Anthropology and Social Sciences undergraduates. They were afraid of drawing at first, which led me to develop a variety of exercises to make observational drawing easy and fun. In this talk, I will present around 20 creative drawing exercises that I am currently using in the classroom. Cutting sports’ news, mapping the stray cats of the neighbourhood, using led lights as backlights, printing indigenous patterns on our skin and a lot more! The idea is to expand the way we think about the teaching (and learning) of drawing.

I hope you enjoy this topic and join us at the lecture debate, so we can exchange and improve some of the projects presented!


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