Sketchbook exchange*: Berlin-Tel Aviv

[By Omar Jaramillo in Berlin]

Last year there was the commemoration of the 50 years of Diplomatic relations between the state of Israel and Germany. As sketchers we wanted to contribute with our little piece of understanding between these two countries, no, no, no that sounds too formal, let me rephrase: we used it as an excuse to do something fun with sketchers from other country that we appreciate and admire.

Urban Sketchers had always fascinate me because it open me a window to other cultures in the most simple drawings, it let me understand how people live, what they do in their free time, what they appreciate about their live a place. So that is the spirit of our exchange. To make the organization simple we create a very small group: Marina Grechanik , Aurore Vigne, Nathan Halpern  in Tel Aviv, Katrin Merle, Detlef Surrey, and me, Omar Jaramillo in Berlin. We used 6 accordion sketchbooks and every one choose a subject for its book. You can check some drawings from our exchange in

Aurore Vigne, sketchbook Fleamarkets

So this is my drawing for the Katrin Merle’s Sketchbook with the subject: your city your story, I have to tell something about my city and since we have Berlinale right now I went to Potsdamer Platz to draw something. I catched a news group (ZDF) making some piece about the festival and decided to draw them.

It's Berlinale

Here is another drawing for my sketchbook called “people on the way“:

U-Bahn (Metro) Berlin 

I draw some people in the metro, and wrote the voice that you hear when you approach the next station.

*The idea for this exchange was inspired in Marty Harris MolyX Flickr  group (Moleskine exchange) It is a fun group in Flickr, now also in facebook.


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