Demo 2: From Splashes to Lines

Instructor: Delphine Priollaud-Stoclet


In this watercolour and
drawing demo, Delphine will share with you her favourite way of painting with
energy and creativity. 
She will explain step by step
how to draw as quickly as possible without heavy equipment, looking for a
global vision that will enable you to achieve a personal interpretation.


Demonstration Schedule

Usually, we begin a sketch by
drawing the outlines, and we finish by adding colors. Sometimes it’s good for
creativity and spontaneity to change habits. Delphine will propose a demo, beginning
by splashing watercolor, in accordance with her mood, without drawing any
figurative lines beforehand. Just as a “sensitive possibility”,  as if in a
dream, with a poetic approach while the watercolor is still wet she will sketch
outlines with water-soluble pencils which can produce expressive colored lines and
unexpected effects.


The aim is not to produce
realistic artwork but to capture the emotion and the essence of the scene with
a global vision.
 The most important point is
how to feel the mood, drawing without confusing speed with haste, and using a
creative approach.

At the end of the demo, participants can try to experiment with the approach if
they wish.



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