Workshop 11: Capturing Atmosphere Using Dramatic Lighting & Fast Spontaneity

Instructor: LK Bing

Workshop Description

A sketch will
have more emotional and artistic values if we are able to incorporate dramatic
mood or atmosphere in our sketching composition, and being able to do it
speedily and spontaneously is a further achievement by urban sketchers. To
achieve such a skill, this workshop’s mission is to teach space appreciation,
spatial awareness on depth, sensitivity to tonal values, and consequently to
instil the awareness of the serene and dramatic beauty of light and dark being
brought out by the clever use of light and shadows.

Learning goals

In this
workshop, the participants will acquire understanding of the techniques of how
to make a sketching composition artistically and speedily through:

  1. Applying
    lighting concepts and depth to express atmosphere.
  2. Creating
    spontaneous and artistic strokes.
  3. Making value
    study in order to look for the best composition and to build a library of best
    compositions for future reference.
  4. Understanding
    on tools and materials which helps to speed up and simplify the creation of
    quality sketches.

 Workshop Schedule

  1. Introduction. We will start by looking at sample sketches and tools.
  2. Demo #1:
    Drawing compositional value thumbnails (2-3 thumbnails).
  3. Participants draw their own compositional value thumbnails on the distributed
    cards and    instructor will guide them
    one by one.
  4. Demo #2:
    Instructor creates two or three sketches.
  5. Participants
    create their own sketches and instructor will guide them one on one.
  6. Review and
    questions & answers. 


Supply List

  • Traveler watercolour set or watercolour
  • Watercolour brushes : mop brush
    (medium size), round brush (medium size), rigger brush
  • Ballpoint (blue colour),
    correction pen
  • Gouache tube (chinese white)
  • Water container
  • Soft pastel (white, light grey,
    cadmium orange hue)

 Provided and distributed by
Instructor for free:

  •  Water soluble marker, value
    thumbnails cards (DIY)


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