Activity 9: The Manchester Journey

Instructor: Vicente Sardinha

Activity Description

When we travel or when we visit a place, we make drawings and also often we write what we feel, we took pictures of the monuments, selfies, we bought souvenirs and in the end we get a report of our tour or trip over notebooks, albums and an endless number of scattered elements.

This activity intends to somehow take advantage of the drawing to combine everything into a coherent whole. The goal is to make a continuous drawing representing the personal journey during the Symposium.

Activity Schedule

The activity is divided into two parts.

On the first day of the Symposium will be distributed one Japanese type notebook and a Manchester map and Vicente will explain the process and the desired result: each participant should draw continuously in order to make a portrait of their stay in Manchester. That must include the Manchester map that can be pasted into the notebook, copied or cut and pasted in pieces. Vicente will encourage the participants to draw beyond the Symposium and include the hotel, the path (that may be marked on the map), the meals (drawn or described) and all the little events that are taking place.

During the explanation Vicente will show examples and give clues and suggestions on how to make the connection between the drawings or mix them using arrows, words, symbols, collages, etc.

After that the participants will be challenged to begin the process immediately by placing the date, time and location, making a drawing or a description or paste the map.

The second part of the activity will take place on the last day of the Symposium with a final meeting. each participant will show their notebook and will be made an analysis of the different solutions. Finally the difficulties will be discussed and shared experiences.



The Japanese type notebook and the map of Manchester will be provided by the instructor. In addition each participant may bring their usual material.

Learning Goals

By example, demonstration and experience, participants will explore several methods and find his own way of making a continous drawing.

They should walk away with his own solution for the problem of the connection between drawings.

Comparing their solutions and methodologies with those of his companions, each will carry an arsenal of ideas that can develop and apply later.


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