Activity 6: Pub Crawl: Draw If You Are Sober

Activity Presenters: Nelson Paciencia & Vicente Sardinha

Activity Description

The workshop will take place inside a Manchester PUB, and the proposal is to draw the environment – objects, typical furniture and complements, and also the people standing and having fun in the PUB, drawing the whole scene and writing a story in the sketchbook.

This activity is dedicated for two different types of sketchers:

The ones that like to draw people but they are often afraid of the interaction with the characters. This is the perfect moment to work and use the tips to lose the fear of drawing people.

To the ones that see the drawing on location as the perfect moment to interact with locals when traveling. A unique workshop for those who never fear the people.

Activity Schedule

The activity is divided into three parts.

  1. The participants will draw the pub environment, objects and furniture – timber tables and chairs, glasses, ashtrays, bottles of beer, the frames and advertising in the walls, suspended lighting, the hanging flags, etc. This first part will take 30m, and the participants could do several drawings, like a warm up for the next move.
  2. The participants will then draw people in the scene, in a close up approach, or away from the scene. The participants must understand the differences of drawing people with these different approaches. The details and the dialogues in the close-up, and the groups seen from medium distance. In this second moment, the participants should not draw objects, only people, and they might interact with them. It´s mandatory that the characters now that they are being drawn. This second part will take 30m, and the participants will be encouraged to do not more than a couple of drawings.
  3. The participants will draw people and the place, and they are part of the scene! They should interact with the characters, knowing things from their lives, their age, what they do for a living, their favorite drink, etc. They might include the dialogues in the drawing or write the story in the sketchbook pages. The drawing must tell what happened in that period of time, what kind of music was playing in the stereo, the weather outside, the mood and state of mind of the characters inside the pub. That moment is like a “drawn short film”, and the participants are like screenwriters.  This third part will take 30m. 


No need of any specific material. Participants should bring their usual sketching material, and they should use their own personal drawing style.

Learning Goals

  • The participants must understand the importance of details from a new place when traveling. Draw to absorb the place and its soul. 
  • The participants must learn the tips and use tools to create a relationship with people through drawing. 
  • The participants must learn how to “break the ice” with a character, losing the fear of a conversation. 
  • The participants must be aware of all things happening during the time they are in that place; they must listen to the music, and write in their sketchbooks the chorus of songs, the dialogs from people around them, etc. 

Their sketchbooks are a diary, and must reflect the experience in that place.



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