Workshop 5: Extreme Angles


Instructor: Norberto Dorantes

“For me, sketch is an art of observation. It is based on finding something interesting in an ordinary world … I have found that there is little to do with the things you see, but everything to do with the way you see them.”  Paraphrasing Elliott Erwitt

“The important thing is to see what is invisible to others.”  Robert Frank, (1924)

Workshop Description

It is a reality that every artist has an obligation to cultivate their own creative ability. And this is not only achieved through mastery of a technique (although it is important) but also developing conceptual, narrative and compositional themes.

In this workshop we will try an issue of fundamental composition and provides tools and capabilities in the starting time of every drawing: the composition from new and extreme points of views and even crazy angles.

Deciding where to view your objects from is important, and although it is necessary to be comfortable whilst you draw, it is sometimes a good idea to surprise yourself by taking up an unfamiliar point of view. The ergonomic relationship between human beings (tables, chairs, etc.) is safe and familiar. It might be interesting, for example, to change your point of view , and draw them from above, almost as a plan. Alternatively, raise or lower your eye-level, or select a close-up section.

In this workshop we will work on getting out of our comfort zone and seek new drawing-views and innovative framings.

 TOOLS: Guidelines and demonstrations

  • How to Set a point of view. How to find an interesting angle
  • Composition possibilities (Sketchbook rotation. Point of view in a very low or very high level. risky perspective of two or more vanishing points)
  • Objects in the foreground and extreme scale

CONCEPTS: For group discussion

  • Be selective. How can I be selective and delete what I do not need in my sketch?
  • The focal point. A focal point is probably best understood in terms of looking through a camera lens, and is the object, or part of an object that you would select to be important enough to focus on before taking a photograph
  • Composition. The essence of the composition is that all parties should be in a particular place or position and play the role that corresponds favoring them all. It is almost impossible to prescribe specific rules that allow someone to compose. However, there are simple laws that guide available for an artist manages to be able to create an interesting composition
  • The narrative aspects.We reflect on the narrative aspect in a sketch. That is, you can select objects to help us  strengthen the chosen point of view and can result in interesting topics (eg the reflection in a shop window, a character in an unusual situation, etc.)

Schedule: This workshop is divided into 5 stages

1. Introduction and Concepts discussion

2. Demo and discution. Exercise A 

3. Demo and discution. Exercise B

4. Exercise C Choose your composition using the various possibilities offered by your instructor.

5. Show and general feedback. Historic photo!

Metodology : First, an introduction and Overview Demo-show. In each section the participants will learn a conceptual of Extreme Angles in which the instructor will give a brief explanation, demonstrate and give feedback individually. Third. Personal feedback in each stage and at the final discussion for all the group.

 Learning Goals. The Participants:

  • Will have sufficient tools to find new unconventional points of view
  • They will be capable of exploring creatively through different compositional means
  • They will gain tools for drawing a perspective of 2 or more vanishing points in a practical way
  • They possess creative best skills to explore further possibilities of compositions in his urban sketches.
  • They will use the narrative to emphasize his urban sketches.
  • They will create more dramatic and interesting drawings.

Supply List

We do not need a very sophisticated supplies, only that with which you feel comfortable.


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