Activity Presenters: Nelson Paciencia & Vicente Sardinha, Portugal

Nelson Paciencia

Lisboa, Portugal

Nelson Paciência is graduated in Architecture from Lusófona University in Lisbon in 1999.

He is an USK Portugal blog contributor since late 2012, when he came across with urban sketching, and has recently been invited to talk to students about his sketching experience and to be an instructor for drawing workshops in Lisbon; has participated in individual and group drawing exhibitions since 2013 (Portugal and Spain), and was one of co-authors of the Lisbon by Urbansktechers book, published in 2015. He won the scholarship to be the Portuguese correspondent in the 2014 USK Symposium in Paraty.

He is a volunteer since December 2014 at Monsanto prison in Lisbon, giving regular drawing sessions to a small group of prisoners.

Nelson´s drawings can be seen at:

Vicente Sardinha

Vila Viçosa, Portugal

Vicente Sardinha is an engineer by training and a teacher by profession. For 25 years he has been teaching geometry to art students. He is an active member of Urban Sketchers Portugal since 2009 and a co-founder of ÉvoraSketchers in 2014. He travels a lot in Portugal and Spain to participate in sketchers meetings. In the last 3 years Vicente has given several workshops and lectures about his work.

Vicente has attended to the last 5 editions of the summer course “De vuelta con el cuaderno” in Zaragoza, Spain and has participated in the project “ Cronistas de las dos orillas” in Spain and Marocco between 2012 and 2014.

His work has been featured in books, newspapers and exhibits.

Activity 6:  Pub Crawl: Draw If You Are Sober


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