Workshop Instructors: Isabel Carmona Andreu, Newbury (UK) and Len Grant, Manchester (UK)

Isabel Carmona:

Isabel is Spanish but studied architecture in the UK where
she practices as an architect and artist. Her passion is watercolour –easy to
carry around and sketch on the go – although she likes experimenting with
drawing and mixing media to get interesting effects. She started sketching in
1993 as part of her architecture training and has continued to this day.

Isabel joined USK Spain in 2011 and USK London in 2014 where
she runs their Facebook group and organises some of their monthly meetups.

Since 2014, Isabel is one of the co-organisers of the Pushing Your Sketching Boundaries, urban
sketching workshops that have run successfully in various UK and Spanish

As an artist, she takes part in the West Berkshire and North
Hampshire Open Studios every May and is vice chair of their committee. Isabel
also joined the Oxford Printmakers Cooperative in 2013.

In 2015 she published a book of watercolours of the Brighton
West Pier and other Brighton sketches showing the changes occurring between
1995 and 2008.


Len has been a Manchester photographer for over 25 years and
has documented much of the city’s renewal and published more than 20 books. His
projects have included books and/or exhibitions on the construction of major
iconic arts venues in the city. . He has documented the rebuilding of the city
centre following the terrorist bomb of 1996 and recorded significant
neighbourhood renewal programmes.

Len’s emphasis, whether with books, blogs or exhibitions, is
always on the storytelling. He often uses images and words to convey
challenging topics (teen pregnancy, undocumented migrants, those in poverty)
and is transferring this experience to my urban sketching.

Last year he was featured in Simone Ridyard’s Archisketcher
book and is a regular at USK Manchester events.

Workshop 16: Focus Your Sketching Stories


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