Workshop Instructors: Lapin, Barcelona (Spain) and Gérard Michel, Liège (Belgium)


I am a french illustrator, an artist, an urban sketcher working for fashion, advertising and editorial. I live between Barcelona and Paris. I define myself as a mobile illustrator and carry with me my sketchbook and a compact sketching gear to the street, to a bar, to a metro, to Istanbul or Tokyo. Sketching is a way for me to record every second of my life and feel alive. I already filled around 160 sketchbooks during the last 13 years and I particularly appreciate sketching on vintage accounting books that I find in flea markets. For me a good sketchbook must contain two things ; some doodles of dinosaurs and vintage cars. I teach the art of “sketching” during workshops in universities and in art schools, participate to exhibitions around the world.


Gérard Michel:

Born in 1946, I live in Liège, Belgium. I am an Architect, I draw for 50 years and I’ve taught perspective and drawing in the architecture school during more than 30 years.

I’m an urban sketcher since 2008. I’ve participated in Usk Symposiums in Portland, in Lisbon as instructor with Florian Afflerbach, and in Barcelone.

My drawings have been the subject of many publications and exhibitions, and I’ve published a sketchbook of Liège. I have today more than 5000 sketches on Flickr, and one album for cars. Cars have an important place in many of my urban sketches. It places the sketch in the time. A lot of cars that I’ve drawn in the street are ancestors, today.

Workshop 8 – Cars in the City

Florian Afflerbach (pictured top right)

We are sad to report that Florian Afflerbach, who was originally scheduled to teach this workshop with Lapin, died in an accident in May. The workshop will still go on with Lapin and Gérard Michel. We are planning a tribute to Florian during the Symposium that everyone can participate in. To read more about Florian’s sketching and teaching career and his influence on other sketchers, please see this post.



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