Symposium Day 2: Rain is Not a Deterrent

[by Tina Koyama, Symposium Correspondent in Manchester, UK] Day 2 opened with lots of excitement and anticipation as Simone, Elizabeth and Omar made announcements.

I knew the rain was coming, so I headed straight out to do my first assigned workshop: Marina Grechanik’s What and How: Creating Your Story. It clouded over in All Saints Garden as Marina gave a brief lecture, and by the time her students started sketching, the rain had begun.

Luckily for me, most of my assignments were under cover: The amazing Manchester Museum! I’m a huge fan of sketching old bones and dinosaur skeletons, so I could have gotten lost in there for weeks capturing the impressive specimens. Alas, duty called, so I hunted down Mark Holmes’ intriguing workshop, How to Plan and Execute a Team-Based Sketching Reportage. 

Around the same time the general sketchcrawl inside the museum had begun, so I lost track of which sketchers were Marc’s students and which were free-wheeling sketchers.

The rain continued so I pulled my hood back on to make my way to the school. Surely all the workshops had gone indoors by now, I figured! But on my way I ran into LK Bing’s workshop on Capturing Atmosphere Using Dramatic Lighting and Fast Spontaneity. Participants were huddled against some columns, trying to stay as dry as possible. I have to admit that I was tempted to scurry on past, looking for cover. But seeing their dedication to urban sketching, regardless of weather, I shamed myself into standing on the sidewalk to capture the drippy scene.

Shaking the water off my raincoat, I went inside the school, where Suhita Shirodkar’s workshop had recently retreated from outside. I knew Liz was covering People and Places: Life in Contrast, but from a third floor landing, I couldn’t resist sketching this view of Suhita in action.

Meanwhile Ed Harker was just about to begin his lecture on the history of urban sketching. Researching nearly every book on drawing and sketching, some quite old and hard to find, Ed gave an informative and entertaining view of urban sketching’s background.

And on to Day 3, which we all hope will be drier!




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