2017 Urban Sketchers Symposium – Chicago, USA

The 8th Urban Sketchers Symposium took place in Chicago, USA.

26-29 July 2017

We welcomed 570 urban sketchers from 34 countries!

Some instructors shared their workshop handouts. You can download them here!




8th International Urban Sketchers Symposium Schedule (https://goo.gl/iMQMvt).

Workshops Schedule (https://goo.gl/LF3Hz2)

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workshops to attend. You’ll need to have you choice ready when you

Demonstrations Schedule (https://goo.gl/6Cfz8O)

participants will be able to choose one demo to attend. We know one is
very hard to choose…! But we lowered the number of participants per
demo so you can have a better experience. 




W1 Asnee Tasna Penciling Chicago​; Capturing The Modern Cityscape In Gray Scale With Flat Tip Lead Pencil.
W2 Delphine Priollaud Sketch Life, Not Shapes : Let Lines And Colors Swing.
W3 Jane Blundell Drawing Out The Details
W4 Jason Das Casual Perspective
W5 James Richards The Grand Illusion: Achieving A Dramatic Sense Of Depth
W6 João Catarino Chicago Reflex Hunters
W7 José Louro Draw Less Show More
W8 Kiah Kiean Sketching With Dry Twig & Chinese Ink
W9 Marion Rivolier How To Reach The Sky?
W10 Liz Steel Lost And Found Structure
W11 LK Bing Spontaneous Creation Of Dramatic Atmosphere: ​How To Apply Lighting Concept With Artistic Strokes
W12 Lynne Chapman ​Rhythm & Blues: The Relationship Between Colour And Line
W13 Maru Godas Gouache like a Child
W14 Marc Holmes Watercolor Silhouettes: ​Combine Drawing With The Brush And Wet-In-Wet Silhouettes For Fantastic Watercolor Effects.
W15 Lapin Grooarrr! Having Fun While Sketching Is The Key, And What Is More Fun Than A Dinosaur?
W16 Mike Daikubara Sketch Now, Think Later 
W17 Nélson Paciência Follow Your Senses
W18 Nina Johansson Make Room For A View
W19 Norberto Dorantes Extreme Angles Reloaded: Making Creative Points Of Views
W20 Pat Southern Pearce Sketching and Lettering on a toned ground
W21 Paul Heaston Scaling Tall Buildings In A Single Sketch!
W22 Paul Wang Sketching Dangerously – Turning Happy Mistakes Into Expressive Movement.
W23 Renato Palmuti Watercolor Techniques For A Fast Cityscape
W24 Rob Sketcherman Procreate 101 For iPad Urban Sketching
W25 Shari Blaukopf Trees And The City _ Sponsored by Winsor & Newton
W26 Simo Capecchi Face To Face. Capturing Action Live With Images And Words
W27 Simone Ridyard An Urban Sketcher’s Guide To Figuring Out Perspective In Chicago!
W28 Stephanie Bower Lay It On The Line: Sketching Chicago’s Riverfront
W29 Steve Reddy Confident Contours
W30 Suhita Shirodkar People Tell Tales: Using Action And Interaction To Tell Stories
W31 Swasky Bending The Space, Bending Buildings With Your Pen
W32 Uma Kelkar Blurred Lines: Atmospheric Watercolor Sketches With Edge Variety
W33 Umberto Torricelli Postcards From Chicago: How To Execute A Sketching Site Reportage.
W34 Veronica Lawlor Urban Immersion
W35 Virginia Hein The Color Of Light In An Urban Garden
W36 William Cordero Textures In The City: An Architectural Approach



Demonstrations without link to description are given by workshop instructors.

Take a look at their workshop proposal to know more about their work.

D1 Peggy Wong 3 Basic Book Binding For Beginners
D2 Eduardo Bajzek The Potencial Of Pencil Sketching
D3 Norberto Dorantes Dynamic Ink
D4 Lisa Flahive Capturing Chicago’s Rhythm and Energy
D5 Asnee Tasna SOFT SKETCH
D6 Delphine Priollaud From splashes to lines
D7 James Richards Dynamic Depth
D8 Jane Blundell Things To Consider When Choosing Watercolors For Sketching
D9 Jason Das Sketching as Improvisation
D10 João Catarino What we see between mirrors
D11 José Louro Draw Less (buildings) Show More (people)
D12 Kiah Kiean Sketch The City With Twig And Chinese Ink.
D13 Lapin Big Head Portraits
D14 Liz Steel Sketch And Sip: How To Sketch Hot Beverages On Location Without Them Going Cold
D15 LK Bing Sketching Spontaneously In Mixed Media
D16 Marion Rivolier Capturing Space through colored Values
D17 Nélson Paciência DISTORTED drawings from everyday people
D18 Nina Johansson Sketching with complementaries
D19 Pat Southern Pearce In line and colour on a tonal ground with lettering
D20 Paul Wang Sketching Dangerously – Turning Happy Mistakes Into Expressive Movement
D21 Renato Palmuti Warm and cold Grays
D22 Rob Sketcherman Urban Sketching with an iPad Pro
D23 Shari Blaukopf Triad Symphony: Using A Limited Palette In Watercolour
D24 Simo Capecchi All In One Page. My Work As A Back-Columnist
D25 Stephanie Bower Watery Reflections
D26 Suhita Shirodkar Quick Capture
D27 Uma Kelkar Abstraction in Watercolors
D28 Veronica Lawlor Mental Canvas software
D29 Virginia Hein Painting with Light
D30 William Cordero Textures In The City


L1 Mark Leibowitz What’s in Your Pocket?
L2 Tapas Mitra Urban sketching ground rules in art
L3 Rita Sabler Urban Sketching as a Voice of Resistance: Documenting Protests and Political Dissent through Sketches
L4 Hugo Costa A fresh drawing everyday




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