Sketches at Children’s Grand Park

[By Byung Hwa Yoo, Seoul, Korea]

The amusement park is located near the rear entrance of the park. I dropped in at first to draw the really complicated scene. Roller coaster may be one of the favorite rides. These days drop tower was added to the screaming. But the carousel was the best one always at my kid days. 

When I walked across the park I could see lots of white tents in rows crowded with people to buy or taste bits provided by the sellers. An event was held under the title of “The 6th Seoul Urban Agriculture Expo 2017”. Though I couldn’t visit all of them there were some which caught my eye. One was the flowerpot rack of pipes using wasting rain on the roof even. The seller explained to me that the growers can be free from watering every day. 

 I met young girls who were selling honey produced in urban city, Seoul. I bought a small tube and talked with them finding letters “URBAN BEES SEOUL” on the paper for promotion. “Urban….” I told one of them smiling. She asked “How do you know ‘urban’?” I answered “I’m an urban sketcher.” She was surprised at that and said that she’s been wishing to draw. And the other girl added that she wanted to learn ‘art’ and hesitated whether to go to institute. I introduced about our blogs and activity and asked them to join the sketch meetups forward. Of course I showed the first amusement park sketch to them with encouragement that they will be better artists than I because they are so young. 

The paper let me know that we can have honey in urban city. What’s good was that it tasted good too. Sketching brought such an unexpected meeting in a park.


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