Boston Workshop – 1 Additional class on July 15th (Saturday)

Update (July 7th) 

As of this morning, the workshop Sold out!
Thank you for all your interest in this workshop!




It’s been one week since my last 2 workshops and I had a great time meeting local sketchers and sketching our beautiful city!

Since I’ve had more people that wanted to take this workshop, I’ve added 1 more class in Boston on July 15th
(Saturday) from 10am – 1pm. The contents will be identical to the one’s taught
previously, and the exact sketching location info will be sent to everyone via email.

The only difference with this workshop is that I will not
have sketchbooks and Gelpens to give out. This class was a last minute addition and
I could not give the sponsors enough heads up for supply donations.  Everyone will get a copy of the workshop booklet though.

If you are interested in this workshop, please let me know
and I’ll send you the Paypal sign up info to secure a spot.

Any questions, please let me know and look forward to seeing you!




Sketch Now Think Later Workshop:

Jump into Urban Sketching with limited Time, Tools and Techniques.

  • Have you ever wanted to sketch but gave up because you didn’t know where to start or thought you didn’t have enough time?”
  • Have you ever passed up an opportunity to sketch because you were around family/friends that were non-sketchers and didn’t want to make them wait for you? 
  • Have you ever wanted to start sketching or incorporate more sketching time into your daily life but couldn’t find the time to do so?

If you answered YES to these questions, this workshop is for YOU!

Workshop description

Looking for the perfect subject, angle, composition, materials and tools to use etc. can take lots of time and bog you down even before you start sketching. In this workshop, we will pare these down to the essentials of a few tools, few techniques and few approaches so you can enjoy what you like to do in the first place: To jump right into sketching anytime, anywhere, and in any situation!

Learning goals

  1. Learn how to sketch within a limited amount of time to create better-looking work.
  2. Learn how using a limited number of tools will allow you to approach sketching situations faster.
  3. Learn a few great techniques that will allow you to capture the moment faster.

Workshop location

Boston MA, USA

(Exact Location will be notified via email. It will be in a convenient location close to the T and for people coming by car too)


July 15th, 2017

Workshop Schedule/details

For this workshop, a 28 page booklet will be printed out and given to all the participants. The booklet will cover everything listed below and major sections will be covered in detail during the session. Participants will have something to take home with them for reference later on too.

1. Introduction – 15 min

Discuss the fundamentals of the sketching approach/philosophy of this workshop: the balance between Time and Energy, and why it’s delightful to create sketches all inside a limited situation.

2. Tools/Technique/Tips overview. Small Demo. Overall approach/ Straight to ink – 10 min

Overview of the 5 basic tools will be shown. Emphasis will be placed on the usage of the “fude” fountain pen and why it can be used to create an entire sketch using this 1 pen. A few tips/tricks about the pen will be covered, and then will jump right into showing a live demo of sketching from real life while setting a rough theme/composition.

3. Sketch on own 45 min

I will go around working individually with everyone and answering any questions.

4. Small Demo: Straight color to paper – 10min

Water coloring tools and techniques will be covered. In the “Sketch NOW” technique color is not mixed on the palette but is mostly done on the sketch page. 4 different approaches on how various colors are created will be shown. Minimal mixing of colors means the sketches will be done faster and the colors will unlikely come out muddy, a common problem with watercolor when colors are mixed too much.

5. Sketch on own 45 min

I will go around working individually with everyone and answering any questions.

6. Lecture/small demo: Finishing off a sketch: Annotation and Graphics/Logos – 10 min

Tips on how to finish off a sketch on location or later on will be discussed. We will be covering tips on what makes a sketch fun to view later on when adding stories, graphics, and logos relevant to the sketch that was done.

7. Sketch on own 45 min

I will go around working individually with everyone and answering any questions.

8. (Optional) Move onto lunch for a casual chat over our sketches

Since it will be lunch time, we can move onto a nearby place to eat for conversations and answering any other questions there might be.

Supply list

Materials/ tools that participants should bring.

1) Sketchbook. Any size/format that best works for you. My personal favorite is the Stillman & Birn landscape ring binder format in the size of 10” x 7”.

2) Fude Fountain Pen. These are the pens that have a bent tip to them allowing you to create thin to thick lines all in 1 pen. Various manufacturer’s make them (Hero, Duke etc) but my recommendation is the Sailor brush fountain pen. (Pen alternatives: You can use other fountain pens or water proof pens if you would like but be sure to bring 1 thin and 1 thick.) Here is an economy priced versions of the Sailor Fude pen which is quite nice. Green-Nib-Angle-55-Degrees/pd/4541

3) Ink: Since we’ll be using watercolor on top of the lines, it is best to use a converter for the fountainpens and pick an ink that is waterproof. Noodler’s black or Lexington Gray works very well, and so does Platinum Carbon Ink.

Please note: the cartridge that originally comes with the Sailor Fude pen is not waterproof so please try to get the converter with waterproof ink. Otherwise bring along other pens that are waterproof such as Micron Pigma pens.

4) Water brush. 1 brush is all you need and it will easily last you a couple of years!

Medium tip is a nice size.

5) A small Water color kit. Any water kit is fine, but if you do not have one a nice intro kit can be purchased from Sakura Koi. I used the Koi for years, but then later have continued to use the outer case with colors removed with new colors added in from Holbein. I recommend having at least 18 colors. sh/pd/2896

6) White Gel Pen

Sakura Gelly Roll 08 is a nice white gel pen to add highlights in the end.

Registration fee

$50 per person

Please contact for space availability and paypal link.

*Cancellations up to June 30th, 2017 will be refunded the full amount minus a cancellation fee of $5. Refunds will not be granted for cancellations after July 1st. Thank you for your understanding.

Maximum Number of Participants

15 (minimum 8)

*In the event of too few registrations, all monies will be refunded less Pay Pal Fees.

About Mike:

Mike Daikubara began carrying a sketchbook in 2000 to be able to communicate faster and better at his design day job. He now sketches daily to see, understand and enjoy! A Japanese-American, Mike grew up living in Tokyo and New York City. He’s currently the Director of Brand and Design Development responsible for Industrial Design and Graphic Design disciplines at a Boston-based kitchen and bath manufacturer.

Mike has been an Urban Sketchers correspondent for Boston since 2012 and has self-published 7 sketch-related books to date. He is excited to announce his first official book to be published by Quarry books in the fall of 2017 which will be titled the same as this workshop: “Sketch NOW Think Later”.


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