Firenze, City of Art

[by Mário Linhares, in Florence, Italy]

Every year, I have the opportunity to sketch in Italy, the country of the Grand Tour since ever.

This year, I went to Assisi and Florence. First time there to sketch. It was really emotional to see on location everything I’ve learned at the Fine Art School. The Vasari’s architecture, Leonardo’s works, Michelangelo’s sculptures and paintings, Giotto’s frescoes, etc, etc…

One of the places I wanted to sketch was the Natural History Museum “La Specola”, one of the first showing freak things to the Occidental world like a Cabinet de Curiosités.

Because of this, Lapin and I will start looking for a program just to sketch the best and unknown European Cabinet de Curiosités! Stay tuned!

And then, the Duomo of Florence. Unbelievable volume in the middle of the city. The colors of the marble are powerful, but the scale is just amazing! I seated there, while Matias was sleeping, and decide to start on the left page knowing that Matias could awake at any moment. After 1.30 hour he was still sleeping and the sketch was finished! 

The interior of the Duomo is amazingly simple. The contrast with the outside is so big, that it’s impossible not to focus on the altar zone and the cupola. This simplicity reminds me the most important thing for us as humans: keep it simple, even if it looks complex! 😉

Friday before Easter. 

There is a little town on the Florence surroundings called Fiesole. The view from up there is endless. After this mess with watercolors, I walked into the Medieval Church and tried to save my sketch with the blue line overlaying the two scenes.

The interior merged with the exterior. Just like the people who are going to pray inside but then go out into their daily lives.


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