Porto Symposium 2018 – Call for Correspondents

Dear urban sketchers,

You are invited to apply to be correspondent for the 9th International Urban Sketchers Symposium in Porto, Portugal, July 18-21, 2018. Responsibilities of the correspondents include the following:

  • Be in Porto and available for meetings on July 17. Sketch the activities of the symposium daily during all four days, July 18-21. These activities could include pre-symposium set-up, workshops, demos, lectures, sketchwalks and informal meals with other sketchers. The ability to quickly capture people and their activities is essential. (Participation in workshops and demos is not possible.)
  • Post sketches and a brief written article each day on the global USk blog. A reportage-style of sketching and writing is expected. Correspondents are also encouraged to share on social media (giving priority to the Urban Sketchers blog).
  • Have the technical ability and equipment to support the above task, such as a camera and laptop or other means to upload images and text.
  • Able to write comfortably in English.
  • Work with the other symposium correspondents and symposium committee as a team.

Please see examples of blog posts contributed by correspondents at previous symposiums:

Wes Douglas :: Beliza Mendes :: Vincent Desplanche :: Kumi Matsukawa :: Javier de Blas :: Liz Ackerley :: Tina Koyama :: Suhita Shirodkar :: Murray Dewhurst :: Maria Regina Tuazon :: Gabi Campanario

A total of three correspondents will be selected.

One of the three correspondents will be a Porto (or nearby) resident who is familiar with the symposium neighborhood and who will act as a guide to the other correspondents. The local correspondent will receive the choice of five nights’ lodging or $500 honorarium. (This local correspondent will be selected with input from the Porto symposium team.)

The other two will be international correspondents selected from countries outside Portugal. The two international correspondents will receive five nights’ lodging and airfare.

All three correspondents will receive an Open Pass, which allows access to all events, including workshops and demos, as spectators.

To apply, please submit the following information by Feb. 21, 2018, 23:59 GMT to uskeditorial@gmail.com with “Symposium Correspondent” in the subject line:

All applicants:

1. Your name, residence (city and country) and contact information.

2. Several (5 or 6) samples of your urban sketches, especially those that show people engaged in activities. Write brief descriptions of these sketches explaining the activities in the same way that you might write a blog post as a correspondent.

3. In a few paragraphs (no more than 500 words), please tell us why you are interested in becoming a symposium correspondent and why you would be the best candidate for this volunteer job.

3. Describe one innovative idea you have for covering the event. (For example: interviewing a few instructors to get their perspective of the symposium; interviewing the symposium participant who has traveled the most miles.)

4. Writing, in addition to sketching, is an important aspect of the correspondent role. Provide links to your personal blog, regional USk blog or other platform showing examples of your writing a text narrative in English to enhance the story of your sketches.

Porto applicants only:

In addition to all of the above, please include one or two paragraphs about your familiarity with the symposium location and how you would use that familiarity to help the rest of the correspondents team. (In the past, the local correspondent has been responsible for providing detailed maps, leading team members on a walk to workshop locations before the start of the symposium, and offering general tips to make everyone’s job easier.)

Selection process

The Editorial Team and Executive Board will evaluate applications based on how well candidates meet the stated requirements. Because Urban Sketchers is a worldwide organization, global diversity of the correspondents will also be considered. Selected candidates will be announced by mid-March 2018.

Thank you for your interest!

— USk Editorial Team and Executive Board

(Photo above shows correspondents Wes Douglas and Vincent Desplanche hard at work documenting the Chicago symposium in 2017.)


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