Corfu (3)

[by Javier de Blas in Corfu, Greece] 22-26.11.2018. Since our arrival in Corfu Town on October 16 we have changed our vision of the island. What with the monastery and the villages, we definitively banish our tourist prejudices. When I return to the city, Triviño has just discovered the local environment, in the new city and in the “not invaded” old city .

Corfu is “The Green Island” and the climate of these days infiltrates inside you that peace in which you feel you don´t need anything else. The other things, the emerald waters of Paliokastretsi, the Venetian beauty of the city, the genuine rusticity of the villages, the naturalness of the people when communicating, are added gifts. This is not a promotional pamphlet, it’s that the island has hit me.


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