Sketches at Euljiro, Seoul

[By Lee Yong-hwan in Seoul, Korea]
      old fashioned Bangsan Market, traditional wholesale market, pen and watercolor 

    an old Japanese style house, pen and watercolor (29.5x42cm)
   a scene of Sampoong Arcade and surroundings, pen and watercolor (29.5x42cm)
  famous buildings around Sogong-dong viewed from Euljiro 1-ga, pen and watercolor (35x51cm)

Months have passed without off-line sketch meetings. But passionate sketchers keep posting on-line without off-line regular meetup sketching. Last Saturday, usk Seoul held a regular sketch meeting at Euljiro in downtown Seoul. Euljiro has long been a hub of Seoul’s industry and business, and residential and commercial facilities coexist, and transportation is very convenient with subway line 2. Especially, it is interesting to see the old and new things, the harmony of preservation and development, history and future changes in Seoul.
I first started sketching crawl from the old Bangsan Market around Euljiro 4-ga. Soon after, an old shabby Japanese style house in the alley of the market caught my eyes. Then I sketched quickly it before the truck leaves,. After lunch, I walked down the main street and went up to the second-floor deck of Daelim Arcade on Euljiro 3-ga. And I sketched a bridge connecting Sampoong Arcade and a building under construction nearby. At last, avoiding the shower, I sat on the stairs of the subway Euljiro 1-ga Station Exit. I sketched colorful buildings around Sogong-dong crowded with famous department stores.
What a nice day to sketch outdoors in the natural air!
Hope you all safe and hard situation to be ended soon.


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