Open Call for Symposium Video Correspondent


Sketchers and non-sketchers are invited to apply to become a video correspondent at the 11th International Urban Sketchers Symposium in Auckland, New Zealand which will take place on April 19-22, 2023. 

Responsibilities of a video correspondent include the following:


  • Capture key daily activities for the duration of the symposium April 19-22, 2023. These activities would include, but are not limited to: pre-symposium set-up, workshops, demos, lectures, sketch walks and behind the scenes. 


  • Show the spirit of the symposium in video format, e.g. bonding between  participants, positive public interaction, informal meals, drink ‘n’ draw, opening and closing receptions.


  • Post a daily video summary on USk’s Youtube channel. This will be reposted later by USk’s Social Media team on other channels. 


  • Recreate “the feeling of being at the symposium” and showcase its unique location in Auckland, New Zealand for the USk community who will be watching from afar. 


  • Work with the other symposium correspondents and symposium committee as a team.



Technical skills Required:

  1. Skills in video editing include selecting, cutting, adding transitions, music, text, and titles, and subtitles as needed.
  2. Produce content to be published on YouTube that can easily be adapted for use on other online platforms i.e. Facebook, Instagram 
  3. Have the technical equipment to support the above tasks, such as a phone with a video camera, video camera, microphone, and a laptop, as well as software for video editing and uploading.
  4. Fluency with  publishing video materials produced either edited or  ‘on the fly’ through Live Streams. 



Check out this video of Parka on being an Urban Sketchers Symposium Video Correspondent.


To Apply

To apply, please submit the following information by Monday, 21 November, 11:59 GMT to with “Symposium Video Correspondent” in the subject line:

  1. Your name, residence (city and country) and contact information.
  2. In a short paragraph please tell us why you are interested in becoming a symposium video correspondent and why you would be the best candidate for this volunteer job. 
  3. Describe one or two innovative ideas you have for covering the event. (For example: what questions you could ask instructors, the organizers, and participants, what angles or scenes you would like to shoot)
  4. Write a short description of how you think we can showcase the Symposium and its unique location to the part of our community who will not be joining us in Auckland but will be watching it unfold through your videos from afar. 
  5. Include links to 3-4 examples of your video work. Write brief descriptions of these videos explaining your role, what equipment you used, editing software, etc. 


The video correspondent will receive an honorarium in the amount of five nights’ lodging or $500 in cash. Video correspondents will receive an Open Pass, which allows access to all events, including workshops and demos, as spectators. (Registration and participation in specific workshops and demos would not be possible.) Please note that the Correspondent is responsible for their own travel expenses.

Selection Process

Symposium planning team and Executive Board will evaluate applications based on how well candidates meet the stated requirements. Because Urban Sketchers is a worldwide organization, global diversity of the correspondents will also be considered. The selected candidate will be announced by the end of December. 


Thank you for your interest!


— USk Executive Board







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