Meet the Symposium Video Correspondent Parka


We are excited to announce our Symposium Video Correspondent Teoh Yi Chie’s, aka Parka, from Singapore. Parka will create daily video reports of the symposium in New Zealand.   

A three-time USk Symposium video correspondent, Parka has given sketchers from around the world a front row seat to the Symposium through his video reports. He’s excited to go behind the camera once more, specially after the pandemic, to take viewers for another symposium adventure. 

He started and manages Parka Blogs, a personal blog, which has evolved to feature more art products and artbooks related to animation, movie and comics.  With a community of readers  via his blog and viewers from his YouTube channel and Instagram page, he creates content with the aim of helping others make informed purchases. He also loves to share the experience and joy of sketching. 


Parka at USk Symposium Amsterdam 2019 unboxing the goodie bag with a participant.


An avid urban sketcher himself, his video style is very involved. He takes his viewers along with him on the go as he covers various aspects of the event, interacts with the community, gives first hand practical tips, and makes videos he wishes to see when there are big sketching events. 


As he did his daily video summaries at #USkAmsterdam2019, Parka managed to capture the event with quick, beautiful sketches as well.


“It’s a challenge to bring the spirit and energy of the symposium to viewers worldwide. For me, making daily vlogs was the best way to document the event in a way to make viewers, especially sketchers who were not able to attend, to feel like they are on location with our huge family of urban sketchers. It was incredibly tiring to make those videos, but incredibly fulfilling as well. Watching those old videos from years ago makes me feel like I’m back seated on my little stool beside my friends, chatting and sketching away.”






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