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2020 & Beyond

Train ride

[by teo cheng huat in beijing, China] Took a train from Beijing to Hangzhou due to heavy fog. Took 5

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Becoming Dr. Ruth

[By Thomas Thorspecken]  June 9, 1997, Washington Heights, NY, Apartment of Ruth and Fred Westheimer. Dr. Ruth (Eileen Dessandre) was

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Wearing mask

[by Teo Cheng Huat in Singapore] Came back to Singapore for Chinese New Year. Updating identity card at ICA building,

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So sad about us

[By Lis Watkins in London] Three drawings of the London skyline from before and after Christmas. A time of great

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Big Irish Families

[by Fred Lynch in Cambridge, Massachusetts] The stereotype of oversized Irish Catholic families proves true in my ancestry. Ellen O’Connor,

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Home Quarantine

[by Teo Cheng Huat in Singapore]  Came back for Chinese New Year ….to Singapore from Beijing……..Singapore government had issue ‘Quarantine

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