Reportage Proposal Finalists

The August 4 Explosion in Beirut, Lebanon

©️ Thierry Chebab

It is our great pleasure to announce the winners of USk Talks Reportage Proposals call. We received submissions from around the globe on a wide variety of topics, from history to politics to construction to the pandemic.

Throughout Season 2, USk Talks will be showcasing sketchers from around the world whose Reportage Proposals were selected by the selection committee and represent the storytelling potential of our community.

Reportage Proposal Finalists 2020

  • Thierry Chehab, Beirut, Lebanon “The Aftermath of the Explosion in Beirut” 
  • Priya Krishnan Das, Pune, India ”Coppersmiths’ Alley in Pune”
  • USk Madrid, “Facades of 100-Year-Old Shops in Madrid”
  • Christopher Brown, New York, US “Save our Stages” 
  • Elisa Monti, Italy “How a Ship Starts Life in a Yard” 
  • Marielle Durand, Paris “FranceLockdown Sketches from Paris” 
  • USk Pune, India “Colonial Impact on Pune” 
  • Jing Zhang and USk China, China, “Uncovering the Hidden Beauty of China’s Industrial Heritage”
  • Zainab Tambawalla, Mumbai, India, “Spirit of Mumbai”

About the Call

In our effort to bring focus to the storytelling aspect of the USk Mission we called on sketchers around the world to send us reportage project proposals. A successful proposal highlights an aspect of local culture, event, moment in time, industry/trade, societal change, etc in drawings and writing. Winning proposals are being developed into episodes for Season 2 in collaboration with the USk Talks team.