some days around Tuscia

  Thousands of years ago the land of high Lazio was composed of many volcanoes. One of these erupted and emptied, sinking into a depression that formed a body of water, Lake Bolsena. Burning clouds have escaped from the volcanoes forming the ignimbrites like the nenfro and the peperino, rocks that distinguish the ancient constructions […]

Kerala Diary- Sketchalogue from God’s own Country

Travel is the best opportunity to make memories. My couple of trips to Kerala, India, helped in making those in my sketch-diary. First was a 5-day annual family vacation and other visit to catchup with Thrissur, Kochi and Trivandrum Urban Sketcher friends. While travel exposes you to new places and people, even the common moments […]

Garbage collector

Um trabalho fundamental para o meio ambiente e aqui no Brasil os trabalhadores ainda em sua maioria são negros, pobres e vivem a margem da sociedade. A fundamental work for the environment and here in Brazil the majority of workers are still black, poor and live on the margins of society.     AuthorAlexandre Magno

Winter Sketches: Capturing Toronto’s Urban Beauty with Soft Pastels

As winter wrapped the city of Toronto in its icy embrace, I found myself on a unique artistic journey, exploring the city’s urban landscape through the vibrant and expressive medium of soft pastels. Embracing an impressionistic and abstract approach, my urban sketching practice aimed to simplify the complex urban landscapes, distilling the essence of the […]

Old Church in Northern Ireland.

My watercolour sketch of St John’s Parish Church in Glynn, Larne. Church has records dating back to the fourteenth century. Current church was opened around 1840. Local folklore says a nearby house was connected to the newer church via an underground tunnel and that there’s an iron chest filled with gold hidden within the graveyard. […]

Ice-cream Truck and Cart in India

Presenting the colorful Indian ice cream truck. A minivan customized for cold storage, this truck sells kulfis (Indian ice cream), ice cream, falooda and milkshakes. Kulfi, Indian ice cream is denser and creamier than regular ice cream. Unlike ice cream, Kulfi is not whipped but is made by slow boiling sweetened and flavored milk till […]

A Windmill in Solvang

Solvang is a city of Danish origin that makes you feel like you’re walking through Europe without stepping out of California. Solvang has rich Danish culture, shown through its architecture and food. The numerous bakeries and wine sample rooms make Solvang the perfect city to get outside and explore a whole new world.   The […]

Bonda Tribe, Odisha-India

Odisha has around 62 distinct tribes with many of them still practicing their distinct tradition and culture. I had first seen the Bonda tribeswomen at the alcohol market in Onkadelli and visited their village thereafter. The Bonda tribe people are small in stature and quite frail looking. The women were around 4 to 41/2 feet […]

Old buildings in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a very densely populated city. Housing is always a problem to be solved. Most of the old buildings and Tong Lau buildings have to be replaced by high rises residential buildings in order to meet the housing needs of the people. These sketches of old buildings and Tong Laus were done in […]

Sir Winston Churchill Park / St. Clair Reservoir, Toronto

This sketch was drawn in Winston Churchill park directly across from the Spadina Bridge in the Casa Loma neighborhood of Toronto looking towards the valve house (above)and pipe tunnel portal (below) of the St. Clair Reservoir that lies hidden beneath the park. The reservoir was completed in 1931 on lands donated by the Eaton Family. […]