Carnegie Hall

Yun took me to Carnegie hall to see Andras Schiff. He’s some piano player dude. That night he was performing Beethoven. I always do the same joke on yun. I ask her if he is playing Shostakovich tonight. She says no. After his first set, I turn to her and say, I thought you said he wasn’t going to play Shostakovich. She laughs at my stupid joke. I know nothing about classical music. Somehow I have memorized one name. Shostakovich. I use him for all my classical music jokes. I did this sketch while he was playing. The problem is the Beethoven he was performing was quite delicate, so my pen scribbling on the molekine paper makes a bit of noise to those around me. So I try to do it very gently. If not Yun will get mad at me. Luckily two minutes into the show Yun was sleeping. That bought me fifteen minutes of drawing freedom. I must say I actually enjoyed myself that evening.

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