Erstaunlicher Nachmittag im Rodin-Museum in Meudon

[von Marion Rivolier in Paris]

Last May, I went to draw Cambodian dancers in the Musée Rodin in Paris. The moment was unique and I loved these three beautiful dancers with slow and harmonious movements. During this event organized by the museum, the communication manager noticed my watercolors. She saw that we were several Urban sketchers Paris to draw and asked who we are. She liked the Urban Sketchers spirit and offered to organize a Usk event at the Musée Rodin in Meudon

It is an exceptional place a few kilometers from the center of Paris. The Villa Brillants is the last dwelling inhabited by Auguste Rodin and his wife, Rose Beuret, from 1893, with its furniture and photographs of its occupants. We thus enter the daily life of the artist. 

In August, I went for a tracking. The museum and the park are perched on a hill in Meudon. The park is wonderful, three buildings, house and workshops dominate a panoramic view of the Seine in the distance. I then proposed to organize the big Sketchcrawl of October there. 

photo by Louise Allavoine / musée Rodin

The Rodin museum has announced our visit on its website and social networks. I crossed my fingers so it was sunny on the day. Finally we were there! Appointment in the park for a large picnic: the weather is nice and the light is soft. We are at least 60 and we have guests from Burgundy, Bordeaux, etc. The museum has even sent a photographer to report on the day, Louise Allavoine, a big thank you to her and the Rodin museum for letting us publish some here. And thank you for her wonderful work.

I paint Rodin’s Thinker at the entrance to the park. I like the color of red orange leaves in relation to bronze.

The gallery of plasters is beautiful, I liked to play with the white and gray colored and the soft light which penetrated by the big windows. The most difficult in watercolor, is to leave enough white to express the whiteness of the plasters, and especially not to weigh down, to block this light by too many details or colors. You really have to work on the relationship between the sculptures and the background. It is the latter that allows them to be highlighted. I wanted to express only the essentials to feel the strength and power of Rodin’s sculptures.

photo by Louise Allavoine / musée Rodin

We all had a wonderful time, absolutely renewed!

photo by Louise Allavoine / musée Rodin

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