Panjiayuan Flohmarkt

  [by Teo Cheng Huat in Beijing] Revisit PanJiaYuan flea market , south of beijing city. More stalls but less crowds due to the cold weather and Covid situation. There are more locals than foreigners ever since the virus, many foreigners had left the city to go back to their own country. Many friends and […]

Erste Quarantäne-Erfahrung

  [by teo cheng huat, beijing] We had to get a COVID swap test 48 hours before we take the morning flight from Singapore to China. Went to  a nearby clinic appointed by ministry of health to do the test and result came back ‘negative’ so we are all clear to fly. Changi Airport is […]


  [by TeoCheng Huat in beijing] My mom passed away on the 6th September 2021. Fainted at home while cooking and was in a coma when send to the hospital. So sad I did not make it to see her before she passed. As there were no direct flight from Beijing to Singapore we had […]


  [by teo cheng huat in beijing] Summer camping event at ZhangJiaKou District in ChiCheng County 178km from the city northern mountainous areas of beijing. This venue is actually a snow resort, 1300 metres above sea level and is called SNOWLAND, its has a runway for helicopter and aeroplane and a clubhouse that houses a […]


[Von Teo Cheng Huat in Peking] Ein Wochenendbesuch im Kastaniengarten von Bohai Town im Bezirk Huairou im Norden der Stadt. Es handelt sich um einen ganz besonderen Garten, der für die Öffentlichkeit kostenlos zugänglich ist. Seine Hauptattraktion sind die 33 alten Kastanienbäume, die noch aus der Ming- und Qing-Dynastie stammen. [...]


[by Teo Cheng Huat in beijing] Glamping event at Fuga Camp in FangShan District, Beijing. More than 10 thousands campers and visitor came for the 4 days 3 nights event. There are about 100 sourvenir store, mobile cafe, shops selling from furniture , clothes and even electric car! The organiser has arrange live broadcast inside […]


      [by Teo Cheng Huat in Beijing] Digging a old pond to make a bigger and deeper pond for lure fishing at the Fuga Camp site in FangShan District , south west of beijing city. The pond is one of the new acitivity introduce to campers. Member is suppose to catch and release […]