Zeichnen in einem fahrenden Auto

[By T.K Justin Ng in Canada] Last summer, I went on a road trip with a friend from Vancouver to Calgary. For our last day, we had to drive from Calgary back home. I did a quick drawing after breakfast and we began our long drive right after. I drove the first half of the […]

Malen am Lake Louise

[By T.K. Justin Ng in Canada]  This past summer, I went on my first road trip with a few of my friends from Vancouver to Calgary, spending a few days in the Banff National Park. Instead of showing you just the sketches I made, I’ve recently begun making videos sharing the stories and adventures behind […]

Calgary - Bow-Gebäude

Calgary (auch bekannt als Cowtown, Hauptstadt des neuen Westens) existierte nur in meiner Vorstellung, bis ich gestern kurz dort war. Ich hatte von dem riesigen Boom gehört (basierend auf Ölsand - laut einem Zeitungsartikel wurden im letzten Monat in Alberta mehr Arbeitsplätze geschaffen als in den gesamten USA), von Chinooks im Winter (warme [...]

Calgary kommt auf James Short

Who is James Short and why does he deserve a park? The internet tells me there used to be a James Short School on this spot. I can only assume the school sunk into the ground leaving the clock-tower projecting out of a tiny bit of lawn. The ‘park’ is a postage stamp green zone […]

Flughafen Calgary und Rocky Mountains

Calgary airport and Rocky Mountains, originally uploaded by Matthew-1. It took 20 minutes to go from the banality of the airport tarmac in Calgary to the sublime Rocky mountain peaks on the Alberta / BC border. Unfortunately it was impossible to sketch the mountains, they are not exactly urban anyway.