littleton kirche von christ

iphone sketch - sketchbook mobile, ursprünglich hochgeladen von mike thomas. Kirchen haben oft eine interessante Architektur. Diese befindet sich ganz in der Nähe von mir und hat eine sehr interessante moderne Fassade. Ich habe diese Kirche schon einmal skizziert, mit Line & Wash, und beschloss, es noch einmal mit meinem iPhone zu versuchen, während ich in meinem Auto saß, [...]

Sketches from Buena Vista, CO

"the orpheum", buena vista, co, originally uploaded by mike thomas. We spent a few days in Buena Vista, CO this week. Buena Vista is one of those sleepy old mountain towns that is attempting a comeback. There’s a mixed-urban development project underway that promises to transform the town. Whether it’s for the better or not […]

end of littleton blvd, littleton, co

This is the west end of Littleton Blvd in Littleton, CO. I’ve done a lot of sketching and painting around here. Like many small, old, downtowns this one is seeing a lot of attention due to renewal projects. It has transformed from charming but kind of run-down to really charming and not run-down at all. […]

quickies: downtown littleton, co

downtown littleton, co, originally uploaded by mike thomas. This is a pair of quickie sketches done around Old Littleton, CO’s downtown. There are plenty of old places around to sketch, and I’ve done many paintings and sketches of the area. I thought I’d try something new this time: a marker line sketch toned with fat-tipped […]

One of my Urban Sketches used on fund-raiser brochure

my painting on ‘the kentucky bash’ brochure, originally uploaded by mike thomas. I was contacted a couple of months ago by Cardinal Hill Hospital, Lexington KY. They found a plein air watercolor of mine on flickr and wanted to use it for a fund-raiser brochure they were putting together. I was happy to donate the […]

a couple around littleton, co

Got out again today, after much procrastination. I procrastinated long enough for a bit of rain to move in. Nothing drastic, but I had to sit in the car for this first sketch. This is one of those old run-down houses that manages to exist alongside creeping commercial development. I sketched it from the parking […]

sketchcrawl #23, Denver, CO

I’ve been a laggard lately, WRT sketching, so I was happy to see that I would be “forced” to go out and get busy on the 11th. Unusually for the Denver area, I was not solo on this, my fourth sketchcrawl. Two other folks agreed to meet in Denver’s Confluence Park, where the Platte river […]

skizzen aus buena vista, co

south main development, buena vista, co, originally uploaded by mike thomas. Finally did some on-site sketching. I was in Buena Vista, CO for the long weekend, and made the time to do some en plein auto drawings of the town. I drew from the car for two reasons: when the wind wasn’t blowing gale-force, it […]

abe's cafe, littleton, co

abe’s cafe, littleton, co, originally uploaded by mike thomas. Well, I didn’t follow through on my promise for new sketches from Buena Vista, Colorado. It rained the whole time we were there! We came home today, and it has rained most of the day here in Denver, too. It’s as if Colorado were transported to […]

looking east on main st., buena vista, co

looking east on main st., buena vista, co, originally uploaded by mike thomas. OK, folks, so I’ve been really bad about not sketching, or really good at not sketching, or something like that. I’ve been drumming a lot (another hobby). Anyway, I thought I’d post an older sketch, and decided to just pick the one […]