Vor einigen Jahren führte das "Victoria and Albert Museum" in London die Ausstellung "DAVID BOWIE IS" durch. Diese wurde wandernd und zog nach Chicago, Sao Paulo oder Berlin. Letztes Jahr beschloss ich, mir die Ausstellung in Paris anzusehen, weil ich dachte, dass sie vielleicht nicht nach Barcelona gehen würde. Dies ist ein Teil von dem, was ich sah auf [...]

Primavera Sound 14 Barcelona

Few years I’ve been going with some friends to draw concerts and music festivals. I always thought it was crazy, but now it seems almost normal. So much so, that through the school where I teach, we achieved this year invited us to cover the festival Primavera sound like we’re a team release. I went […]

Treffen Sie den Korrespondenten: BARCELONA, Spanien > Sagar Fornies

“I think Barcelona is one of the best cities in the world for drawing on the street. The climate and the architectural richness it contains help a lot. Therefore, I think that limit my work as illustrator to draw indoor is a crime. Thank to some professors at university I discovered the taste for sketching. […]

WST – Malaga meeting

So last week I went to Malaga to meet some usk friends and join the classes in UNIA. Five incredible days with a lot of good draws and classes. Was nice to meet in real life the sketchers that I just know over web. New friends, new perspectives of drawing, new colors. Life is sharing […]