erinnerung an das symposium in santo domingo

ein paar tage vor der eröffnung des 4. symposiums für urbanes skizzieren in barcelona ist es an der zeit, die skizzen zu teilen, die ich letztes jahr als korrespondent des symposiums 2012 gemacht habe, damit sie sich an die stimmung der vergangenen ausgabe erinnern können. dies sind alle zeichnungen, die ich vom 9. bis 16. juli mit anderen urbanen [...]

2012 ends. 2013 it’s here.

All this year has been amazing and I want to share one of my sketchbooks with all of you. It is almost 2013 and more good things are ready to come but we have to work a lot to get them. Thank you Orling for sharing all your happiness and wisdom. You are great I […]

Santo Domingo Rundblick 360°

Few days after Urban Sketchers Symposium it was cloudy so I could go on top of Ozama tower in the Fortaleza to try a circular panorama, otherwhise too sunny. That’s why me and Claudio Patanè had our Panorama workshop in Plaza de Espana instead. Nice view over the Ozama river, the port and the colonial […]

Parque Colón sketchcrawl, July 2012

  The sketchcrawl at Parque Colón in Santo Domingo, during the USk symposium this year, was a blast. So much people in the park, so much life going on, and sketchers everywhere! Drawing in Santo Domingo was generally a very pleasant experience, people were curious, came up to look at what we were doing, and […]

Santo Domingo-Panoramen 1

Two long watercolors made in Plaza de España, before my workshop on Panoramas at last Symposium, with Claudio Patanè. The first one is from the terrace of Alcàzar de Colòn, that has a great view on both side, this one is from the back on the Ozama river. Second one is taken from the square […]


  During the USk Symposium in Santo Domingo this summer, I had the opportunity to join in two other workshops than my own, and this yellow guy is from Swasky´s and Miguel Herranz´ workshop What´s behind an onion. I was way out of my comfort zone here, trying to work in layers (foreground, middle and […]

Santo Domingo, mercado Modelo

I came back to the Modelo market in Santo Domingo, after Melanie and Natalie’s workshop, attracted by the multitude of people, objects and food. With Swansky, Inma and a few others, we had another day of sketching together after the Symposium. In this cheerful chaos, even if the heat was almost unbearable, I felt at home. […]

Santo Domingo #14 (dessert)

I haven’t  brought so many architecture and environment drawings from Santo Domingo. I was making them on the sketchbook Laloran gave to all the Symposium people but I forgot it inside the cathedral and never saw it again. Patience. I started this series with a marmot aperitif during the return flight (the last drawing of the journey), and now […]

Santo Domingo #13

Some of the colleagues, mates, friends, companions, comrades and fellow sketchers of any kind met in Santo Domingo. Veronica Lawlor Liz Steel Lapin Stu Goldman James Richards Tomás Soria Kalina Wilson BJ Boulter Jorge Royán Ricardo Benaim Irena Kosniewska Marc Taro Holmes Jason Das Natali Ovalles Daniel Green Lynn Reynolds Peng Hui Lee Melanie Reim […]

Santo Domingo #12

In the morning Parque Colón reminded me “Mondays in the Sun“, the great film by Fernando Leon de Aranoa. Many men alone or in small groups of two or three. Some few women, that say hello, make a short stop, and go because they have something to do. Long silences and suddenly a desultory phrase, a sententious answer, cut […]