Kataraktoperation in einem kleinen städtischen Krankenhaus

[Von Marcia Milner-Brage in Cedar Falls, Iowa, USA] Als mein Mann John das größte E oben auf der Augenkarte nicht mehr erkennen konnte, kündigte der Augenarzt an, dass es Zeit für eine Kataraktoperation sei. Das rechte Auge war als erstes dran. Wir kamen am Montag vor Sonnenaufgang im Sartori Hospital an, um die [...]

Das Jahr 2016 geht in Brooklyn (und Manhattan) zu Ende.

[By Sharon Frost in Brooklyn] December 10, 2016. Back in Brooklyn. And again we can watch football at home.  But it’s broadcast here at 7 in the morning.  Well, nothing is perfect.  At least Thelonius is still atop the piano. December 13, 2016.  Brooklyn.  Hamilton’s Bar/Restaurant.  Stephen reading the New York Times. December 15, 2016. […]

Ein bisschen Alltag in der Stadt: Warten, Lesen und Mittagessen in Brooklyn und Manhattan - Vorbereitung auf den Sommer in Asturien. Zeichnungen von Sharon Frost.

Getting ready for our summer in northern Spain, takes lots of steps — medical screenings is one of the categories in trip preparation. New restaurant (for us) in Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn.  Lunch in the middle of errands — welcome garden environemnt. Reading a little Eduardo Galeano.  His words always ring true in my mind.  Galeano’s […]

Warteräume und U-Bahnen in Brooklyn.

By Sharon Frost. I’ve got rhythm, maybe a little bit syncopated.  Day in the hospital for heart monitor implant.  My husband reads through the wait. Waiting is a skill.  Making the best of it in yet another waiting room.  I’d rather be on the subway. Fingerless gloves on the F train. It was cold, but […]

It’s all a matter of perspective. In Brooklyn.

Amazing how contracted a big city like New York City can seem when you’re ailing. Your horizons do shrink. My view out my studio windows (toward the subway stop) becomes more and more familiar. I start to know who goes to work, when. Looking over Ocean Parkway (one of the spines of Brooklyn, which goes […]