Meet the correspondents: NOUAKCHOTT, Mauritania > Isabel Fiadeiro

“I started sketching in my trip to Mauritania at the end of 2003. When in Nouakchott for the first time I became aware how things could change so fast or lose its impact by just being there all the time, so I started recording things that might change or disappear.

I’m mostly interested in drawing the people, but, little by little, I also started sketching the town, the markets, the crowds and then the landscapes. It’s like a new way of looking and revisiting places plus it’s a very good way of making contact with others. I moved to Nouakchott in February 2004.”

• Isabel’s blog.
• Isabel’s art on Flickr.
• Isabel’s Nouakchott cuaderno de bocetos.
• Isabel’s cuaderno de bocetos about Saharawi women in exile.


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