queueing for bread

queuing for bread

this morning was a line in front of brotgarten bakery. people telling jokes with reference to “real-socialist” conditions – but progress was quick, and everybody could change his hard currency (euro prefered) into the fine pastries, this cooperative run wholefood-bakery produces.

the antithesis 4 hours later:

snack & back, wilmersdorferstr, charlottenburg

after swimming daughter was hungry and bad father had not prepeared sandwich (with product from nice wholefoodbakery), so we dropped in first “backshop” – thats how places that heat prefabricated industrial stuff in shops that are dressed up as bakeries are called here.

the astonishing low price sandwich was liked (do not want to know ingredients) my coffee and croissant was not bad, just bland. when sketching i spotted these two cameras – no way to steal anything as a client, all behind the glas of the counter. both cameras observe cash desk and staff. nothing special, you can find them everywhere, when searching.

anyway i admire the two girls, that worked there relaxed and friendly in this “trustful atmosphere”.

i am glad, that i can afford to queue for bread.


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