Space Oddities - Superar los límites de los bocetos en Coventry

Coventry has a history that mixes legendary figures (Lady Godiva) with discoveries and tragedy (devastated by bombs during the second world war). It is the 10th largest city in England with interesting locations and people and loads of stories to tell.

From our centrally located base (the Herbert Gallery) we will explore Coventry’s city centre in detail with six different locations for the 3 day workshop and you would be experiencing them all, from Coventry Cathedral to the Circular Central Market, the Council House to Priory Road

Únete a Urban Sketchers Isabel Carmona, Swasky y Simone Ridyard for 3 full days workshop that will get you to know Coventry intimately and to develop your personal urban sketching techniques.

El taller se celebrará en The Herbert Gallery donde empezaremos y terminaremos cada día y montaremos una exposición en desarrollo de nuestro trabajo creado durante cada día en su espacio de galería.

The gallery has a main theme exhibition running at the time called “Recording Britain”.

Tema principal:

Architecture and space. How do we represent space? Drawing is a matter of beliefs, do you believe in perspective?

Será un trabajo divertido pero duro, ya que estarás experimentando con la perspectiva y la representación espacial todo el tiempo, aprendiendo sobre diferentes formas de dibujar lo que ves desde diferentes puntos de vista, algunos más tradicionales que otros. Hay múltiples puntos de vista en el urban sketching.

Habrá múltiples oportunidades de probar varias técnicas de esbozo sin miedo, y compartiremos el trabajo que hagamos y discutiremos intensamente nuestros hallazgos.  

Cada uno de los instructores explorará distintas formas de representar el espacio en el dibujo urbano.

Alternative perspectives  (Isabel)

Representing space “correctly” is quite a daunting task but when we let go and look at the world from our own viewpoint, that constantly moves, views can open up, rules can be bent and we can draw something that is spatially more in tune with how we see.

Isabel’s theme is multiple viewpoints:  how many ways are there of drawing the same view? how far can we look around and include what we see in our drawings?  We will use a mixture of quick sketches to represent your view in different ways, synthesizing its components.  We will explore what happens when we bend perspective, move around whilst continuing drawing or reverse perspective. What focuses your attention will be different from one another so one would expect your drawings to be different from each others as you develop your own style.

Las técnicas utilizadas incluirán pluma, línea de color y lavados de color; el orden en el que se utilicen también cambiará la forma de enfocar el boceto. Prepárate para experimentar y no te preocupes si no has trabajado antes con la perspectiva o si te ha intimidado: aquí es donde puedes jugar con ella y perder el miedo.


Scattered space, bending the floor (Swasky)

Space has been one of the main topics in history of representation in arts. Human being has always tried to represent reality. Along the art history we can find multiple ways of this “space oddities”. What I want to try is to make attendees aware that probably most of them are as effective as the common and accepted conic perspective. These are paths already opened but I have not revisited, and I want to go through them again, recovering memories that we have buried deep in our mind. 

As I have written before space is a huge worry and most of the twentieth art movements answered already with plenty of solutions. We are going to experiment with the idea of how our sight works. Keeping this idea of space recreation in mind we will start to experience it.


Drawing the city, finding the drama (Simone)

This workshop will consider a more conventional approach to perspective and architectural drawing. We’ll start by looking at perspective theory and then do some quick drawing exercises which will inform us as we venture out onto the streets of Coventry to draw. We will use our understanding of perspective to help underpin our choice of views to sketch. We won’t be afraid of complicated architectural views, in fact we will relish them. 

Creative energy is so important, as is enthusiasm for our subject material. Colour or no colour, it’s your choice but an individual approach to the subject matter will be encouraged. We WILL find the drama and we will communicate it expressively, and with increased confidence as we work through this session.


Objetivos de aprendizaje

  • Empujar a los participantes fuera de su zona de confort, a su propio nivel. Desde principiantes que empiezan a dibujar hasta participantes con más confianza, nuestro objetivo es enseñarte algo nuevo y empujarte fuera de tus límites, ayudándote a experimentar.

  • Experimenta con diferentes técnicas de perspectiva en una situación de sketch en vivo, ayudándote a encontrar tu propia expresión.

  • Lo que le da confianza para representar el espacio circundante, por complejo que sea.

  • Utilizar y probar diferentes enfoques: dibujo lineal con bolígrafos y lápices, color en diferentes medios.

  • Hacerte reflexionar sobre cómo representas lo que ves y desarrollar tu propia forma de representarlo en color (y línea) con confianza.

  • Perder el miedo a dibujar el espacio, las personas y las historias que hay en él.

2015 Workshop schedule:

Tuesday 7th April  

Welcome in the Herbert Gallery in the afternoon at 4pm.

Wednesday 8th April

9:00 - 10:00 horasWelcome at the Herbert Gallery

10am-12:30pmIsa, Simone and Swasky group workshops

12:30pm- 2pm        Almuerzo

2pm – 4:30pm  Isa themed workshop for whole group

4:30pm -5:30pm Day Review and exhibition pin up

Thursday 9th April

9:00 - 10:00 horasMeeting at the Herbert Gallery

10am -12:30pmIsa, Simone and Swasky group  workshops

12:30pm- 2pm      Almuerzo

2pm – 4.30pm Simone themed workshop for the whole group

4:30pm -5:30pm Day Review and exhibition pin up

Friday 10th April

9am -10 am Meeting at the Herbert Gallery

10am -12:30pmIsa, Simone and Swasky group workshops

12:30pm- 2pmAlmuerzo

2pm – 4:30pm Swasky themed workshop for the whole group

4:30pm -5:30pm Day review and exhibition pin up

5:30                       Works’ exhibition Opening

Saturday 11th April  

Open Sketchcrawl in Coventry 

Mapa del taller: Map of workshop locations


30 asistentes como máximo, 18 como mínimo. Cualquier nivel de experiencia en dibujo es bienvenido


Se proporcionará una lista a los participantes; en general, traiga lo que suele dibujar.

This is what Swasky works with:


We hope to engage some good materials sponsors and will update this section to let you know.

Cuota de inscripción:

£225 (£180 concession for students or unwaged – with proof of concession status)

email Isabel – para el formulario de inscripción

Cancellation Policy: All fees are fully refundable if cancelled prior to 16 March 2015. If cancelled after 16 March, a £25 cancellation fee will be retained. 

In the event of too fee registrants, all monies will be refunded.


google map of hotels in coventry

Meet the instructors:

Isabel is Spanish but studied in UK where she practices as an architect and artist. Her passion is watercolour, easy to carry around and sketch on the go and likes experimenting and mixing media to get interesting effects. Isabel started sketching in 1993 as part of her architecture training and continues to this day. She joined Urban Sketchers Spain in 2011 and USk London in 2014.  As an artist she is part of West Berkshire and North Hampshire Open Studios scheme and joined the Oxford Printmakers Cooperative in 2013.


Swasky Nacido y criado en Barcelona, Swasky ha estado dibujando la mayor parte de su vida, pero cuando terminó su BFA dejó el dibujo porque quería empezar a trabajar. Entonces decidió empezar de nuevo la carrera de Comunicación Audiovisual. Una vez terminada su segunda carrera trabajó en una productora de publicidad, RCR, decepcionado con un trabajo tan estresante e invidioso dejó su trabajo y montó una tienda. Con una nueva vida comenzó a dibujar de nuevo.


Simone studied architecture at Canterbury School of Art where the value of pencil, pen and watercolour in the communication of space and buildings became embedded in her work. She now lectures full time at Manchester School of Art. Whilst teaching in Singapore in 2012 she discovered the global Urban Sketching community and set up a USk group back in Manchester. Since then her energetic and prolific work changes, develops and modulates as she takes on the many ideas, comments and experiments that are the stuff of the Urban Sketchers network.



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