Espío la Torre Trump de Vancouver

[By Gabi Campanario in Vancouver, Canada] When I recently saw photos of Vancouver’s Trump Tower in the news, the building looked familiar. This is why: I unknowingly sketched it during a trip to Vancouver in November!

The north-facing view from our room on the 19th floor of the Century Plaza Hotel included three skyscrapers that I have now taken the time to identify thanks to Google Maps. Closest to us and the most prominent on my sketchbook spread was the 42-story Patina condo tower at 1028 Barclay Street. Next, the 62-story mixed-used Living Shangri-la tower could be seen to the left of the Patina. And farther in the distance, appearing shorter despite being 63-stories, was the twisting glass tower branded with the name of the President of the United States and housing a hotel operated by his company.

I find it amusing how I was able to connect the dots between the photos from news reports and my sketch from more than three months ago. This wasn’t a sketch of the building itself. I was simply taking note of the Vancouver skyline. But I must have looked at Trump’s tower long enough to recognize it when I saw it later on the news. (That’s the beauty of urban sketching. You remember things better when you take the time to sketch!)

I’m glad this episode has made me dust off my sketchbook and research the names of these buildings to make sure I got accurate information. Because, you know, I wouldn’t want anyone to say this post is “fake news!”


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