Episode 16: Flavorful Streets

“Flavorful Streets” July 19, 2020

Calles llenas de sabor
19 July 2020
Monali Haldipur, Donald Saluling

In this episode we take you to hot and humid streets of India and Indonesia where you can learn how to find calm in the chaos, focus on worthy subjects, make new friends, and find interesting stories to tell in your sketches.

Monali Haldipur

Monali Haldipur joined us from her home in Delhi, India. After studying art but then taking a break from it, she made the decision one day to start drawing again. She began by drawing from life and never stopped. She now sketches regularly with USk Delhi, USk Pune as she is originally from there, and USk Bangalore, where she travels for work.

She described a “tingling sensation” she gets when she sees something she wants to sketch, like the activity and colors in a market, saying her heart skips a beat and she knows she has to sketch it. She says, “I believe everything under the sun is beautiful; it’s in your seeing that makes it so beautiful,” and encourages us to enjoy sketching and let the rhythm find you.

Monali describes her role in sketching as an observer. She asks permission for where she sits, but limits her interaction with her subject. In India, sketching in public draws a crowd to you, and she does have conversations with her audience as her washes are drying, but mostly focuses on her sketch as the strangers around her take it upon themselves to make sure she has room to sketch, and to leave cups of hot tea by her side.

Donald Saluling

Donald Saluling, who joined us from Jakarta, Indonesia, has a different approach to drawing in public places, seeing himself as an ambassador to these people and places that he describes as the “true identity of a country or region.”

He goes to markets as a customer first, then a sketcher, observing the actions and interactions, and trying to put himself in the shoes of the people working there. He brings a smile, says hello in their language, and asks questions to build trust before asking to sit and sketch. As a result, many of his sketches are from the vantage point of the seller, inside of the stalls. He says his sketches are a mix of a journal and of drawing, as he takes notes to help capture the sensory experiences of the market, saying it’s about more than just composition, color, and lines – it’s also about feelings.

Both guests’ approaches to street markets are equally inspiring, and we hope you’ll be equally inspired by their challenges.

Monali’s Challenge: Waking Your Dormant Hand

To loosen up your lines, try painting with your non-dominant hand and let your new-found rhythm guide you.

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Donald’s Challenge: Create a Connection

When touches of warmth and kindness are unsafe, make a connection with someone by sketching them and sharing the moment with a photo.

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