[By Suhita Shirodkar] I don’t do rides, so a trip to Disneyland means my family stand in lines all day for rides, I meet them every once in a while for a snack and I sketch the rest of the day. My favorite bit was the set of rapid-fire sketches of the parade in the […]

A Mini-Reunion at Downtown Disney

Fellow Urban Sketcher Suma from Connecticut was in Anaheim, California for a conference, so local Orange County sketcher Chris Ruiz-Velasco and I were able to meet up with her at Downtown Disney to chat and sketch over dinner. I met them both for the first time at Santo Domingo Symposium and again at Barcelona Symposium, […]

it’s a kind of magic

Recently we went down to Disneyland, the original, in Anaheim, southern California. I love Disneyland, it really is a fun place, and everyone is so happy, probably because they are taking great big pots of your money. I first came eleven years ago, on my first trip to the US, but this time was my […]

mareado en Anaheim

We’re across the street from the back of Disneyland this week, the Sheraton Hotel just across the parking lot from our hotel. At night we can see the reflection of the Disney fireworks in the windows of the Sheraton. Every morning we see the throngs of people making their way up Harbor Boulevard toward the […]