Gray Matter Workshop in Austin, Texas

Using Gray to unify two washes of two complementary colors to make for lively and loose paintings – is a mouthful title! What it wants to convey is that most paintings can be painted using a flow method of watercolors, top to bottom, like a wash. Two complementary colors are used to achieve maximum color […]

SXSW, 2018

[Por João Catarino en Austin, Texas] Nas passadas semanas a cidade de Austin no Texas foi o centro do mundo no cinema, na tecnologia mas sobretudo naquilo que se pensa ser a música num futuro tão próximo como aquele que se consome ao segundo. La 6ª Avenida hasta el mediodía todavía se pasa, después [...]

A bit of Portland,Oregon and a bit of Austin.

Portland, Oregon and Austin, Texas have a lot in common. Young people flock there to live, both cities are considered hip and cool (thus the young people flocking,) and they’re visually rich environments. I was in Austin earlier this year and forgot to post some of my sketches from that trip. So here are some […]

SketchCrawl en Austin

A recent conference of design educators in Austin afforded me the opportunity to spend the day sketching in the heart of town with a number of talented colleagues, including Richard Alomar of Urban Sketchers New York.  It was a spectacular day, and the accordion-style sketchbooks were subsequently exhibited in a downtown gallery for three days […]

Dibujar en Austin

I recently drove up to Austin, Texas for an afternoon, and spent a few hours sketching this apartment building along South Congress Avenue. Fortunately there was a lot of shade, a lot of light, and a raspa stand nearby. My girlfriend also had her camera with her, so we had a rare opportunity to document […]

Sketching in Austin, Texas

Last month I traveled to Austin, a little over an hour up the road from San Antonio, and sketched there for the first time. Austin’s downtown has seen an explosion of residential towers go up in the past few years, so the skyline has gone from small and forgettable to a towering assortment of sleek […]

¡Austin recicla!

In Austin, Texas, everything old is new again. Cars become garden ornaments, trailers become food stands, bathtubs become fountains.  I was afraid of standing still for very long—who knows what a rabid, impulsive recycler might make of an itinerant sketcher?

Horizonte de Austin

En un reciente viaje a Austin, Texas, para el SketchCrawl 21, hice un rápido boceto del horizonte del centro de la ciudad desde Town Lake Park. Austin es una ciudad estupenda para dibujar: tiene mucha personalidad local.

What I found in Austin, Texas

With a scant day and a half in Austin, Texas, I somehow managed to find the thing I have a compulsion for drawing no matter where I go, a figural fountain! I know if I’d had longer, I would have turned to more typically Texan subjects, like adobe buildings, red-tiled roofs, cacti, and cowboy boots […]