Informe desde Berkeley: El dibujo urbano en la era de COVID-19

[Guest post by Cathy McAuliffe in Berkeley, Calif.] Walking became my activity of choice during the lockdown in California. I have lived in my Berkeley neighborhood for almost 40 years and have done plenty of walking here, but having the “forced” opportunity and time to really explore the streets turned into a pleasure. It was […]

Behind the scenes: Local businesses in Berkeley

Guest Post by Cathy McAuliffe , Berkeley, California, USA I have discovered that it is more interesting to sketch people while they are working than it is to actually be working. Since I left my job 2 years ago I have been sketching more and more. What has turned into an ongoing project is sketching […]

día de las elecciones

Election day in Berkeley, California. I had been studying the issues just fine, but for some reason I never got around to looking up where my polling place was until the morning of the election, only to find that this time my precinct had no polling place at all and that I had to mail […]

cielo del atardecer

Susan, del grupo USK SF Bay area (que hace sketchcrawls semanalmente), estudiantes en una cafetería del College Ave y el cielo de California poco después de la puesta de sol. mi blog

berkeley rent board hearing

Studies in exasperation: blinking disbelief, wearied perseverance, petty vindictiveness, befuddlement. Housemates, landlord, and witness as the meeting goes into its second day. Double image at right of the audio recorder and our long-suffering moderator who kept asking people not to repeat themselves. The house behind. Mom always told me I’d make a good courtroom sketch […]

saul's deli, berkeley

Last night was klezmer night at Saul’s Deli in Berkeley. Musicians played outside on the sidewalk and then again inside during dinner time. Featured on fiddle here is a woman who also works as a hostess at this fine establishment, and I never knew she played. Good music and good food. They’ll do it again […]


found object on the sidewalk. webster st, berkeley